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Sep 11, 2009
Gas prices? Wow who would’ve thought $5 + here in East Tennessee,
while working on and off in California for decades, high gas prices were the norm. (And yea, some folks get what they deserve but there are normal Americans in that state)
but what I observed as an outsider, all things considered life went on like high gas prices were the normal in the rest of the states. Those people just went on, paid the price and heavy traffic, gas use just like nothing. And I’m thinking I’m glad I live in Tennessee, never understood but now , folks will live with it here too.
I never like clowns even when they supposed to be funny, let alone running our country!
Mar 6, 2008
I'll make a couple assumptions here just for discussions sake.

If I drive an average of 8,000 miles a year and gas (heaven forbid) averages $5/gallon over five years with my Nissan Murano getting 20 miles per gallon, that's a cost of $9,025 per year for a total of $45,125 over 5 years. Electric home charging costs me $0.48 per mile (estimate from my local utility provider). Or about $3,840 a year for electricity. Net works out to about $5k per year less than gas at $5 a gallon.
Ummm your math skillz need work kid. 8000 miles / 20 mpg = 400 gallons per year. 400 gallons x $5 = $2000. So your payback is (I'll let you try and cipher that out fer yerself).

edit: doc rosen & ras already beat me to the obvious stupidity

My 20 year old tdi with 380K gets 50 mpg on diesel at $5.28/gal, or $0.1056 per mile. My math sez its a keeper, although I think the $0.48/mile for electricity is not right either. Google sez closer to $0.05 per mile for EV electricity. Even so my mileage is down to 3k per year so at an annual EV savings of a whopping fuel savings of $150/year, payback on a $60k car is only 400 years lol.
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