‘23 GA OT Shamurad Umarov (Tennessee commit)


Air Raid Time in Tennessee
Jan 17, 2011
Got to love this. This is the vibe this staff continues to put out. Recruits realize this staff is genuine.

Just the way that the coaches are," Umarov told Volunteer Country on why the Vols were the right fit for him. "Since the beginning, every coach I've spoken with has been the exact same and talked to me the exact same. Getting down to me committing, some of the coaches were slowly picking up the communication with me. They are switching up like, 'oh, let me start speaking to him more because he's about to commit, so let's try to win him over. But no, Coach Elarbee, Coach Golesh, Coach Houdie, Coach Abe, and Coach Heupel; they've all been the same throughout the whole recruiting process. The relationship we've built is just amazing. I love them because being around them makes me really comfortable. I feel like they're very honest and open people. So, anything I have to say, they're going to take it in respectfully and just always want to better me, of course. That's with every coach, but I just feel like it's different with this coaching staff and Coach Elarbee."

"I'd seen what they had to offer facility-wise; I had spoken with all of the coaches. But when I went to OV that was just one last check off that they're the exact same person that I thought," Umarov said of the importance of this visit. "They treat me and my family right, and it shows that they really care for me, and they're not just building a persona for recruiting. It just solidified what I was already thinking."
Thanks for bringing. Love hearing this about our coaching staff, making us proud. Mature young man to look for those type relationship characteristics.

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