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May 13, 2011
Well, I’m not part of the fire-Pruitt-now crowd. In my book, he gets three years to show he has us going in the right direction. Not even to reach the destination, just the look and feel that he has us going in the right direction.

But you are seriously underestimating what Leach has done. What he has done is more comparable to what James Franklin did at Vandy, but better. Penn State had the smarts to understand that Franklin could do better at PSU than Vandy. Our decision makers, and fans like you, don’t grasp that winning at WSU and TTU is orders of magnitude more difficult than winning at UT. That the ceiling for someone winning 8 or 9 at WSU is not 8 or 9 at UT (by the way Leach is coming off an 11 win season and has won 8 or more games 10 out of his 17 coaching years at crap schools). Leach doesn’t have a big time gig because he is odd, not because he’s not an outstanding coach.
I think our definition of winning is different. I expect brass and trophies. When you look at his "winning at Tech and Wazzou" is nothing different than Butch "winning at CMU and Cincy"......

At the end of the day, Leach has never taken that big step into national conversation except for one time at Tech when he likely had the best team he will ever coach to date. To think he is going to waltz into Tennessee and take that next step at Tennessee in 3 years or less is asinine. Because the same people (not you as you mentioned) who are wanting to can Pruitt after 14 games are the same people willing to take Leach even if it means 12 wins in 3 years all because "we trust his track record"


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Nov 5, 2006
I disagree. I think the culture has changed. Unfortunately it appears to have gotten worse.
The guys who can’t hang are starting to leave. Pruitt only coaches, he doesn’t seem to care about all the other functions as a head coach. The guys we’ve had previously played up to the media and the social networking and wanted to be stars themselves. I think Pruitt wants the team to star. Some of those players he didn’t recruit can’t handle his in your face approach. So you’re right culture has started to change but for the better! The guy has coached on a lot of national championship teams, you don’t forget how to do that! It’s the fans who have no idea what’s going on. People will blame the coaching on Taylor blowing his assignment last week. I guarantee he knew where he was supposed to be and it’s been covered over and over. These are young men not children and have to have some accountability. You can’t coach and play and way to many times a coach gets blamed. Your job is to set your team up for success as a coach. Have them in the right defense or play call, have players playing the right positions. After that the young men have to play!
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