Florida Man personifies all that is wrong with the state

the old dihydrogen monoxide trick. surprised people haven't caught on to that by now.
Man hurt after shaving cream explodes | fox4kc.com

A man in Florida called 911 on Wednesday to report an explosion. Little did paramedics and firefighters know it was because of a common item for men. Did we mention this story is from Florida?
When emergency crews arrived they found a man waiting outside his Tampa Bay area home with a red gash on his face and white liquid covering his shirt, the Tampa Bay Times reported.
That white liquid turned out to be shaving cream. That shaving cream got on his shirt because the man, who was in his 50s, told paramedics he wanted a warm shave.
To get that “warm shave,” the man decided to heat the shaving cream — on his stove. Well, the can exploded.
The good news: his injuries were “minor,” the paper reported. His home was not damaged in the incident.
And, of course, paramedics recommend not trying this at home.
:lol: I love the dig the news website put in there.

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