'19 FL CB Travis Jay

Jan 24, 2010
Sorry I hadnt seen any of that yet.

I posted here years ago as MrBamSeydu. Left the board about 5 years ago. Never going to give out specific sources (not necessary) but I know roughly 2 dozen HS coaches in TN/GA and a few of those are ex Vols. Not all are head coaches. I know some regional and local Rivals guys and an ex VQ guy very well. I’ve been in the same recruiting group text for about 7 years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten info from that group text over the years... probably 40-50 verified in hindsight including coaching changes, hirings, commitments, AJ Johnson stuff... everything. Some stuff I hear the same way a few other posters on here do. I’d say we probably share at least partially the same circles.
Little salty lately Bam but I remember you and your still posting solid stuff. Glad you're back. More opinions is good (mostly).

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