Favorite Commentators

Russillo said this, and now I notice it all the time. Tirico will do the thing that everybody on earth does, which is you start to say something the wrong way, and then you and I (and other broadcasters) back up a word or two to correct it. Tirico doesn't do that. Tirico just keeps going forward and seamlessly finds a way to make the slip-up correct. It's incredible.

Man, I made that ranking almost 9 years ago. My thoughts have changed slightly since then. šŸ˜‚
All time College football
Ron Franklin

Call my life as it happens
Gus Johnson

John Ward and Jack Buck (St. Louis)

Sleeping on the couch
Nance/Marv Alberts/Ian Drake (I don't watch soccer, but he can call a game like a lullaby)

Billy Packer
Bill Walton
John Ward, the Peyton Manning of broadcasting.

Dandy Don Meredith for NFL.

Tim Priest.

Beisbol: Dizzy Dean n Peewee Reese.

Soccer: Taylor Twellman and Julie Foudy

I would say the ones that I most despise, but told the missus I would try to be less negative. šŸ˜
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