Ever Play in a Tennessee HS Bowl Game



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Dec 23, 2008
I started at QB in the 1977 Tobacco Bowl vs. Humbolt. Started 22 games at QB over 3 years. Fumbled only once in 22 games, and that was on the goal line at that game. Can't recall name right now, but he started at DB 2-3 years for the Vols. Ran a boot-leg keeper and he hit me square in the sternum and knocked every ounce of breath out of me; I literally dropped the ball at the one foot line.

Also, I was an assistant coach on a team that went 9-1 (10-1 counting the bowl win) and played in the 1982 Lion's Bowl in Tullahoma. 8 teams in our district and only the champ went. Lincoln County beat us first game of season 10-7 in Fayetville. They won the state championship that year, I think they upset Gallatin in a close game.
Where was that Tobacco Bowl? At one time the TB was in Greeneville, but i thought it was gone before I started following football in '66 or so.

Edit: Looks like there was a Middle TN Tobacco Bowl at Hartsville ... guess that's where yours must have been. Pardon my ignorance.
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