Darel Middleton to the transfer portal

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Nov 29, 2020
Not really, but this? I gotta read.
Remember when Kiffin got here most of the commits that were committed signed else where some like with Pruitt might have been better than what we had. Most of Kiffin recruits were somewhat highly rated but after he left so did they and well so did Pruitt's recruits. When Kiffin left the NCAA was looking at us need I say more.


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Oct 10, 2014
I get it that some turnover is “good” turnover and it’s not like these veterans were world beaters in our 3-7 season last year, but losing any depth really hurts in our Front 7. My biggest concern is the fact we will have a nonexistent pass rush, which will further stress our thin Secondary. Was hoping we’d add Prunty at CB for depth. Maybe DaJon Terry can make an immediate impact up front. Fact of the matter is, this is going to be a mediocre unit. I do trust Rodney Garner. What you see on Twitter from these kids doesn’t tell the full story on their work ethic, drive and will to get better. I think Middleton is FOS.
I think if you go back to 2019, and when the DL started playing well..it coincided with the offense producing yardage and TOP and more points. When the QB rotation started.
Also Bituli got healthy and Bryce got off punishment. AND...we didn't play very explosive teams. Bama, but then we hurt TUA.

2020 was the total demoralization of Tennessee Football, spearheaded by the QB, HC, and AD.

2021 we have a proven offensive guy. His teams are always Top 10 if not Top 5 offense in the country. So potentially you have the first variable that helps the Dline- an offense that scores and puts pressure on the other offense
- The defense will have more juice and enthusiasm just because it's new opportunity. Now assignment and alignment accuracy remains to be seen. But the fire will be there from the jump.

- our run game will give our defense rest.
-talent. At every level on defense we have guys with multiple SEC offers.

I won't sit here and say, we will have a Top 25 defense. I think it will top 35 maybe? Not enough information yet. As such, can't really know if theyll suck either....

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