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Jan 18, 2010
Mike Hamilton, not Dabo is the true architect of the Clemson success. Hamilton is a graduate of Clemson. He worked in the athletic department. Clemson during the Fulmer Hall of Fame and best in Tennessee era was 120-85 for 58% winning. While playing in the horrific ACC mind you. Not a single 10 win season. They had 4 - 9 win seasons. Why?? Because all the players that Clemson (and Georgia in some regard) are getting now used to come to Tennessee. But his destruction of the program starting in 2004 set it all in motion. Tajh Boyd, a Tennessee commit, was the real beginning of Clemson. But Hammy's hire didn't want him. And that is now history. Look at just this current situation. Trevor Lawrence, Tee Higgins, Rogers alone would have been at Tennessee. So would Mays for that matter. There would have been no dip had Hamilton stayed out of it. In fact, there would have been no Hamilton had the President at the time not decided to have a public AD search causing all candidates to back out. Leaving Hammy. There would be no Clemson as we know it now without Hammy. He even ruined baseball just to hire his Clemson buddy Todd Raleigh. He was sent to Knoxville on a platter because the Clemson coach (Todd's college coach at WCU Jack Leggett) told Hammy to hire him.

So did Hammy destroy Tennessee athletics on purpose or by accident? Many have asked that question. He systematically destroyed the entire athletic department as if he had a checklist and was being paid to do so. And the main beneficiary??? Klempson!!
Agree with nearly all you said, Hamilton did ruin the athletic department.

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