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You made me look it up. It had to have been a Fantastic Four comic in which the Silver Surfer appeared. My time frame was the mid-60s.
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Not disputing your dilemma but SS was never 13¢. No comics were.

They were 10¢ from the 1930s through about 1962. Then they went up to 12¢

SS actually launched as 25¢ double sized book for the first 7 issues. It was a “premium” title but that hurt sales. Then went down to standard size for 15¢ which was the avg price by the late 60s.

They pretty much just went up in 5¢ increments through the 70s and most of the 80s. Once it hit 75¢ they started jumping by 25¢ until they hit $2.99 in the 00s.

Current comics average 3.99-6.99.
I think comics were .55 when I started collecting. I hated every price increase with a passion.
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