I know it's kinda old and everybody used to use it but my favorite is still the Armani cologne.

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Diamond is pretty good as well. Their Prive collection has some solid stuff as well.
They still make that?

I assume so.

I use Eternity and some Nautica Voyage. And some brand called something Religion. It's close to Eternity and I keep it in the car just in case. Which is often actually since I'm forgetful.
I have been an Aqua Velva man since I was a teen and will probably always be. My wife wouldn't let me switch even if I wanted to.


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Versace L Homme and Safari (Ralph Lauren) several of my past favorites have been discontinued ( Borsalino and Jazz)
One's I've worn over the years.

Acqua Di Gio
Armani Mania
Polo Blue
Lucky You
Polo Sport

Currently using
Bath and Body Works Midnight
Bath and Body Works Ocean
Nautica Aqua Rush

One thing I've learned about fragrance, try to get the one's your significant other likes. Also, I will never wear anything Calvin Klein.

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