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We’ll see what happens from here on out. IMO, others I’m sure will disagree, but this was a game that affects recruiting. Not only did you lose this game, but you blew it pretty epic fashion against a bad football team. You had some negative things happen on the sidelines, which means nothing, but others will use it in recruiting. When you are this visible, this is a loss that sticks around. I don’t think this would be as big of a deal if people weren’t talking them up so much in the first month.
Yeah. This loss is the first one that actually starts to eat away at any equity he had built up with people. Then after the game, questions his team as to whether or not they love football. Not a good look.

Having your head coach be predominately a showman has upsides and downsides. He's incredible at building hype, and I do think he's done an under-the-radar good job at building a coaching staff. But in order to keep the hype machine rolling he has to win, and particularly win games they're expected to.
Saw this at Dicks Sporting Goods in Orlando today. I don’t know that I’ve seen anything like that for a coach, other than at a University bookstore.
Up 29-0 against a 1-4 Stanford team at home...and then losing in OT.

Has CU football ever laid a bigger turd? Anyone check?

Nope. It’s the biggest come back loss not only in Colorados history but I believe the P12 history. I think it might be the biggest comeback win if Stanfords history.
I don’t know if he has a really good publicist or if he’s his own hype man, but the hype continues.
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Evidently so regarding the publicist because you're not getting a article in time about your coaching ability after blowing a huge lead to a terrible Stanford team,that's for sure. Dudes bigger than the school and his players.
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Okay fine but what does this have to do with Taylor Swift? Coach Prime totally irrelevant.
How ya feeling now?
I feel fine. How did you feel about CJH when he stood at 4-4 his first season?

You aren’t the guy that disappeared from the board after we made our $100 bet that year, are you? I bet him two games into Heupel’s stint that we would be a top 15 program within the first three seasons. He was all over me so we put $100 on it. When I came back late last year to collect, he was nowhere to be found. Did you finally come back with a different username?
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This is pathetic when players stuff get stolen from locker rooms. It doesn't help how they advertise the program. I'm sure they were targeted.

Will the stars step up that were frontrunners in early games or will they disappear?


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