Cigar /Pipe Smoking thread

No sir. Life's been extremely busy lately and will be for a while. Too many irons in the fire. Hope to be caught up before football season. Luckily, I have a full humidor. :)

I haven’t been either. I went just before Christmas and that’s the last time I was there.
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UNC Field Hockey legend, Erin Matson recreates the famous MJ pic. Erin finished her last game just 75 days ago, graduated at the end of Fall term, and has been elevated to head coach of UNC field hockey. Bonus: Identify the cigars.
These are great for an everyday stick. Have that unusual but yummy sweet black cherry taste. Is that a 3000 or a different vitola?

I can’t remember, I liked it though. I think that was my first padron.
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@Tin Man , have you tried that PDM? That was a really nice cigar. I know you like the shade grown
Most non-cuban monte's suck IMHO - but these are delicious - and as you can see, very well made. They are also not likely to be around

I seee 👍

That might be hard for me to find around my area. I think you have to know someone to get those.

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