Casey Clausen game worn jersey on Ebay

Appears to be a team issued jersey with the size / year tags & the side inserts. Could be a replica. I don't know if Adidas released jersey's to retail with the size / year tags & the side inserts in 02. Looks like Fulmer's signature. The body numbers are different on both. Numbers on the $600 jersey is more solid while the newer one has more pin holes showing. Also a bad iron job for the 7 on the back of the newer one. No name plate on the newer one & the font used for the name is totally different from the $600 jersey. One's a size 46 & other is a 52.

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looks like it was stuffed into a drawer for 15 years too, Id say its just a saleman sample with numbers and name screened on -- I guess well find out for sure from Doc Loomis
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I thought the university removed the name plates before selling.i got a cosey coleman game jersy with the 75th anniversary patch from the bookstore way back at old stokley center. Without coa, buyer beware

The rule, technically, is that a college can't profit off a player's likeness and image.

Some have taken that to mean that they can't sell anything, even game-used gear, with a player's name still on it. Others have taken it to mean that as long as they're not actually generating a profit from it, it's nothing more than the sale of old gear in its original condition. Others have done things like hold onto gear until after a player's eligibility has expired and then sell it for whatever they want, since it's not like the player can lose further eligibility by doing it.
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