Backyard Bird Watchers

Flocks of robins and dark-eyed juncos have arrived ahead of the front moving in.
I read this thread, but don't post much. Having said that here in North GA. I still have hummingbirds on my feeder. I don't normally take it down due to maybe a winter hummingbird sighting. They look like Ruby throats, but they should be long gone. Next possibility is Broadtail hummers which are rare here. I don't know currently and will keep water fresh.
Big flock of blackbirds moving through my neighborhood. Trees are full of squeaky hinges.
A blue jay has been visiting my feeder, picking up sunflower seeds, flying to a nearby branch, and hammering them open. Haven’t seen this for years.
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Been a good snow birding day. I lost count of Mourning Doves, Eastern Wood Peewee, Dark eyed Juncos, Carolina Chockadees, Tufted Titmice, song Sparrow, Carolina Wren, Northern Cardinal.

Is anyone else struggling with the new names that start this year?
Two blue jays are picking up sunflower seeds from my feeder and hammering them open on nearby branches of a dogwood tree. When they move off, a Carolina wren goes to the feeder to pick out the seed meal crumbs left by the scarlet finches (messy eaters).
^^^egg1 will be 35 days old on leap day (may see "pipping" where the eaglet starts to break out) and the eggs historically have hatched at 38 to 39 days... they said it takes a few days to hatch.
The female eagle's name is "Jackie", she is 12 years old and her mate is "Shadow". The lady doing this has been watching "Jackie" since she hatched.
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Robins have joined the over wintering birds in claiming nesting territories and singing for mates. Spring has sprung on the Southern Piedmont.
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Interesting hobby. Closest I ever got to it was sitting on top of gramps chicken house with a .22 and shooting crows in the corn field.
^^^ forgot to update: I showed this to one of my Ecology/Environmental Biology professors, who is a Bird Guy™, and he says it's a juvenile Cooper's hawk. He asked if I had a birdfeeder up (no) or if there were small birds in the area. Answer to the second is "probably", because the fence he perched on is covered in native honeysuckle, just now breaking new growth, and it's a magnet for finches, etc.

I treasure the memory of the expression on The Cat's face when he glided past us less than 5 yards away 🙀

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