Amateur Hour Continues

I have it on good authority from some of the lefties on this forum that debt and more debt is always good. Yeah, boys....fill me in on some more of that economic wisdom. Zero understanding that current debt levels continue to make inflation more persistent, requiring further Fed action to the upside on interest rates. First rule of economics....."There's no such thing as a free lunch."

Edit: Not to mention the long standing fact that 3/4 of budget items see an automatic increase 2-3% annually. Brilliant.
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For being one of the wealthiest men on earth his GF is ugly AF

I don't want to be mean about it but she just don't look natural. I mean I know an ex of mine with headlights bigger but they were all natural. No face augmentation either.
Why are these people so stupid all day everyday 24/7? They have a serious brain disease that appears scientists can't find a cure for their derangement symptoms so they get to run around lose in the world spreading vicious ugly lies daily. This Stacy Abrams moron still thinks she's the governor of Georgia. She needs to be escorted to her padded cell.

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