5 concerns from spring practice..


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Sep 2, 2018
How is it not relevant that other coaching staffs are putting together functional offensive lines with "less talented" recruits, and Will Friend can't? Why is UT this nebulous place where coaches can't be expected to be good at the jobs they are hired to do?

So you prefer to refer to our olinemen as "chicken sh*t" instead of trash? Not sure which is worse, but OK, have it your way. Do you believe that every offensive linemen on the roster besides Trey Smith is uncoachable chicken sh*t?
You mine as well give it up bud, most on here these days do nothing but make excuses for the constant terrible play of certain units. And if you bring up comparisons they just tell you the situations aren’t comparable because that’s really all they can say. Your not going to change these peoples minds so you mine as well give it up. I fully expect to be ruthlessly attacked for even typing this. I can’t wait.


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Apr 27, 2019

That's funny right thur.
Outside of my own my seen a total of 0 posts wondering why Keyton didn't do what he does on that play. Ive rewound it time and time again looking for a reason and all I seen was give up. Makes me wonder what would've been different had HB thrown that ball. Judging by his highlights he would've stopped at the top of his route, high pointed the ball in front of McCullah and walked into the end zone. Anyone reading this post can feel free to look for themselves. He gave up before the ball even arrived.


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Sep 18, 2013
Actually, the schedule this year is virtually identical to last year’s.

That said, we only had 1 OOC team that looked like it could beat us last year, WVa...and they did. This year, we have 2 OOC teams that could beat us if we don’t play well (BYU and UAB), but neither really should.

Other than that, we face the same teams in the East, Alabama in the West, and another West team in MissSt that will very likely be favored, just like Auburn was.

We do get 8 of our 12 games in Neyland, but let’s be honest....it’s not the same home field advantage that it once was, not even close.
So??? It's still helps to have 7 winnable games at home (The 4 out of conference plus South Carolina, Miss State and Vandy). Throw in the fact that both Miss State and Kentucky had heavy losses and the path to at least 6 victories is pretty clear. I strongly disagree that the schedule is the same as last year. For the most part, the winnable games are all at home. That should help.

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