2022 Fall Practice #5



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Nov 30, 2010

Josh Heupel once again coached new RB Lyn-J Dixon on holding the football high & tight in drill. He watches him closely. Maybe Dixon is loose with the ball … or maybe Heupel wants to build an instructive rapport from the beginning.
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The running back group looks different with Lyn-J Dixon practicing for the second time. Adding a fifth scholarship running back will be huge for depth and Dixon looks like a player that could earn a real role this season.
The quarterbacks and receivers continue to look crisp and it’s easy to see they worked together often this summer. Same ole, same ole as far as reps. Cedric Tillman, Ramel Keyton and Jalin Hyatt in the first group with Jimmy Holliday, Jimmy Calloway and Walker Merrill in the second group.
Bru McCoy stayed near the very bottom in rep order but one sign was tangible proof that that would change. Instead of McCoy catching passes from Gaston Moore or Navy Shuler — who were throwing to the receivers in line around McCoy — Hooker jumped back to the front to throw to the USC transfer.
Freshmen Kaleb Webb and Squirrel White impressed me with the crispness of their route running.
The linebacker work continues to be heavy on the fundamentals with today being largely about gap assignment. Assistant coaches and graduate assistants ran read options or triple options in slow motion while the linebackers walked to their correct gap.

Juwan Mitchell was paired with Aaron Beasley while Jermey Banks was paired with Solon Page III.

Kamal Hadden was not out on the practice field again on Saturday as the belief is he’s dealing with a minor hamstring. Obviously with the opener still over three weeks away, you want to get that taken care of and not push it. Offensive lineman Jerome Carvin is taking, what we are calling, a maintenance day – as he’s dealing with a slight ankle deal. It is not believed to be anything serious.
On to the field we go and it was good to see sophomore tight end Miles Campbell receiving some praise from Alex Golesh and other offensive coaches during individual. He did a few consecutive reps on the one-man sled and the coaches were pleased with his footwork and intensity attacking the block. It’s noteworthy because the lack of physicality from Campbell has been concerning early in his career.
Willie Martinez and Tim Banks have continued to be impressed with Tamarion McDonald. I’m not saying McDonald will play a major factor in the secondary this season. In fact, I would be surprised if he did. But the Memphis native is now three years in the program – he’s a veteran and becoming a guy that these coaches are trusting more and more.
Back to offense, Jerry Mack was seen spending some 1-on-1 time with transfer running back Lyn-J Dixon. It’s obvious the former Clemson Tiger is behind the eight ball and I would honestly be surprised if he wasn’t. He’s only been here a little over three days. But how quick can he get acclimated?
Jimmy Holiday, Jimmy Calloway and Jalin Hyatt caught my eye with some impressive catches today while the only drop I saw came from Walker Merrill.

Running back Jaylen Wright continues to be limited and again was working on the side with a strength-and-conditioning staffer.

Cornerback Kamal Hadden was present, but again was not practicing.
Offensive lineman Jerome Carvin was also not practicing on Saturday. He was in his jersey with no shoulder pads and went through stretch before remaining inside when the rest of the offensive line went outside for individual drills. Possibly a maintenance day and certainly precautionary for the veteran.
Upon closer viewing, you can see why freshman James Pearce Jr. was such a big win for Tennessee – he is tall, possibly taller than the 6-foot-5 he’s listed at, and long and explosive, and that is evident even when he’s chopping his feet over blocking pads or running the circle drill in the turnover circuit.
Jeremy Banks looks lively and Juwan Mitchell indeed appears to be healthy. Freshman Kalib Perry is a good-looking prospect, too – at 6-foot-3 and almost a deceptive 228 pounds, he has a frame that could allow him to get bigger and stronger without losing much of his athleticism.
Redshirt freshman Miles Campbell had a good rep that Golesh high-fived him for before Warren pulled his younger teammate to the side for a quick chat.

Warren and Princeton Fant had a couple of good routes and catch in routes-on-air as well and Campbell made a nice snag – he’s got good hands and is a natural pass-catcher.
Caught just one final round of routes-on-air with the quarterbacks and wide receivers. Jalin Hyatt had a nice catch on a low-ish pass from Hendon Hooker, Jimmy Calloway was hollered at for not tucking the football after his catch on a slant and Walker Merrill had a drop and Bru McCoy continues to look more comfortable as he adjusts to his new team.
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Nov 7, 2019
The reports coming in about this team versus last year team at camp is that it's quicker more explosive which says they bought into strength and conditioning coach and that he is a good one. Now when pads start popping next week you will see which ones love contact and can take there game to another level. Next week is a physical grind. Finding players who will test their Metal. In CHRIST Alone

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