2021 MLB Postseason Thread

Houston’s offense is every bit as potent as Boston, so I definitely do not feel safe with a 9-3 lead lol. I need more.
did I see two vol fans near the right field pole at fenway? hard for me to tell, but the color looked like our orange and I think the guy's jacket had a power T
Depressing end to the season, but being picked 4th in the AL East and getting 2 wins for the World Series is amazing. Excited for next year.
And your Houston Astros are headed back to the World Series!!!! They’ve given our city so much to be proud of. Let’s bring it home, boys! #ForTheH
I am rooting for the Braves. I want to see the woke Libs lose their minds with TX & GA hosting the WS. Sort of throws some shade on the ASG BS.
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