2018 Masters Tournament

Like most everything else in life, there’s always 3 sides to every story.

The truth
You ever heard the saying “It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up.”?

That was simply the final straw. If he was a well-liked guy who hadn't already "might" have cheated, "might" have stolen stuff from teammates, and just generally wasn't that well-liked, he gets a pass.

You can cause a lot of trouble for an organization and have a lot of baggage, and as long as your talents overcomes the problems you cause, you'll hang around.
Good Lord...lay off the guy!

90% of the media and weekend hacks didn't know squat about Reed until he won. Now everyone wants to take the moral high ground. He made mistakes and is a better person now. Nothing has been proven (except the drinking). I was a D1 college golf coach and had rules on drinking, ect......which could lead to being kicked off the team and scholarship revoked, based on situation and severity.

His family life, or lack there off, is personal and nobody knows the truth except those involved. Let him enjoy his win and moment in the sun.
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I’ve seen his actions and mannerisms in person away from crowds. I didn’t even know the stuff about his family, but I’m still not fan and won’t be rooting for him. However, lots of athletes are horrible people and no one knows about it.
90% of the media and weekend hacks didn't know squat about Reed until he won. Now everyone wants to take the moral high ground.

Might be some of that, but speaking for myself, let's just say that I have 1 degree of separation from the UGA side of this and the Augusta State side. None of this is breaking news.
The fact that UGA hates him is enough for me to like him.

He reminds me of Spaulding Smails all grown up...no longer eating boogers, demanding cheeseburgers and puking in the front seat of convertible sports cars.
Augusta National bought the Publix just beyond their parking area. I'd love to see their long term plans for all of the property. There's been talk of moving the 13th green into the wooded area beyond where it is now.

Maybe they'll put the heliport where the Publix is. About 3 years ago it was very busy and noisy just beyond #5. I didn't notice the helicopter traffic the last 2 years.
I understand that there's been discussion of moving the 5th tee box back as well. I doubt if they can get it far enough away from the 4th green, though, unless they straighten out #5. Right now those teeing off on #5 have to take turns with the putters on #4 and even the tee shots on #4.

Since Augusta National relocated the road between their parking lots and the course they have room to do about anything that they feel like. I wonder if par 72 is sacred and untouchable. But when they're discussing blowing out the iconic 13th green, anything is possible. They could lengthen #5 and make it a par 5, but they'd maybe want to make a par 4 on the back 9 a par 5 to keep both sides equal. 11 could be converted to a par 5. But that disrupts the course history. I think that 14 is a par 4 and it's more logical to push that tee farther back and converting it to a par 5... especially if the 13th green was to be relocated at the same time.

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