‘23 ME PF JP Estrella (Tennessee commit)

Let's go back to my room, so we can do it all night and I can make you feel right.
Great 80s one-hit wonder that I don't even remember who sung it.

Anyway, KA-mothereffing-BOOM ! Huge get, now let's go get the new Nigerian Nightmare
Does anyone know where you can get those shoes? I need those ASAP! Did he get those custom?
From his family photo, it appears his mom passed along the height. Was she a college basketball player?
Yes. She played for Boston College and wanted to be a Lady Vol. Also his grandfather (I think that’s the relative) is 7’1” so Estrella may not be finished growing.

Having a mom who went to BC is a great thing! She could’ve been there around the time I was a BC student.
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