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    Sad reality

    OK guy.
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    Sad reality

    They're better with him. That was all I said and was absolutely right.
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    Sad reality

    OK. I just said they would be worse. They are.
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    Colin Cowherd: UT should give Gruden $10 Million

    I'd also rather have Chip Kelly. But Gruden is in my top 5 and is a HR hire.
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    Colin Cowherd: UT should give Gruden $10 Million

    The real money would be the increase in UT paraphenalia or however you spell it.
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    Dabo vs Butch

    We can't even win the east. Forget saying Saban has everyone lapped. We can't even get past Mcelwain. Butch can't win the east. Next please.
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    Dabo vs Butch

    The SEC east is worse than the ACC.
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    2-Top 25(22) final rankings in a row!!!!!

    You can't be serious. Peaking at number 22 is basically the definition of the sky falling.
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    Define a Prefeered Walk On

    Pre-fee-red walkon. They get a redshirt before they have to pay a fee (tuition.)
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    The Alabama Dilemma ( for Vol fans)

    Hypothetically, would you try to stop an ISIS attack on Nick Saban?
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    Prepare to be underwhelmed again on OC Hire

    He also said we would name an AD in December.
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    Multiple texts congratualing him on in-game decisions!
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    CBS thinks Chip Kelly...

    In the blink of an eye.

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