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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    They have announced start times/tv networks for a handful of our OOC games, but anybody know when we will find out details for Memphis/Wisconsin games?
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    Hoops recruiting class ranked top-5 by both major services

    What's the highest rated recruiting class we've ever had? And potentially a different question, which recruiting class has had the most immediate impact? I feel like both our 2020 guys could have immediate impact (and if we pull Springer/Hall, same goes for them).
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    Sources: Tennessee @ Kansas for SEC/Big 12 Challenge

    When will tickets go on sale for this?
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    NCAA March Madness Poll (Go Vote)

    Bone McRae Tobias Grant Jarnell Turner/Golden/Punter (can't decide) Hopson Richardson Admiral Maymon
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    '20 TN SG Keon Johnson (Tennessee commit 8.6.19)

    Do we know the exact timing of this? Just expecting a tweet or hosting a press conference? If so, link?
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    Bracketology in July!

    I'm all for having realistic expectations, and really any seed in the NCAAT would be nice for us this year*. But just in a 1 for 1 comparison Ole Miss ahead of us... OUT!!! *I think our ceiling could be a 4 or 5 seed with how many opportunities we have for quality OOC wins, if JJ plays up to...
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    2018-19 Favorite Play/Moment

    Rick's clinched fist handshake with Pennywise the Clown
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    2018-19 Favorite Play/Moment

    Mine would've been Pons dunking on Gonzaga from outside the lane but...
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    Sources: Tennessee @ Kansas for SEC/Big 12 Challenge

    KU website lists the game on Jan 25. This game means we will be playing a team from each of the other 4 "Power 5 Conferences". Nice mix of OOC opponents
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    From The Athletic: State Of The Program

    Tatum redshirted that year but I guess that counts. Pretty crazy, both years were Vols only two teams to achieve #1 rankings, both teams beat a team ranked #1, both lost in Sweet 16, both beat Gonzaga and West Virginia, both were undefeated at home, '08 preseason rank #7 '18 preseason rank #6...
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    From The Athletic: State Of The Program

    That team was close. Armani ended up with 900+. Wouldn't shock me if last season was the only time in history it's happened...
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    From The Athletic: State Of The Program

    Great article. Barnes' talking about Lamonte's leadership got me thinking... He and Bowden will both pass the 1,000 career scoring mark this season. Meaning last year's team would've had 5 eventual players hit that mark. Is that the most players on any year's team in UT's history?
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    First 20 years of SEC basketball in 21st century

    We're coming up on the 20th season of SEC basketball this century. Here's where all the programs stack up. Vols are going to end up 3rd in both overall and SEC performance (barring an unforeseen trainwreck/Bama winning the natty). One of only 4 schools with winning conference record. Not bad!
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    2019 - 2020 schedule

    Didn't know that Washington was a potential game for next year? Anyone have details on this? Home/away series? One-off neutral court showcase?
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    Barnes said he would be at UCLA if buyout was paid

    Let's get this out there... Tennessee has NEVER been to a Final Four and only 1 Elite Eight. UCLA has been to more Sweet 16s since 2000 than we have in our entire program history. In no way are we on the same program level as them. In Rick's eyes, even with their recent "struggles", UCLA is on...

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