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    Rodney Garner

    Looks like Garner is joining Huepel’s staff. CJH was in need of a strong recruiter with deep ties in the south. Big time move
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    Heupel to be announced per 247

    I doubt any top candidate seriously considered this job after the administration nuked its own program. It’s an underwhelming hire but this program is in the dumps. I hope it ends up working out
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    Rodney Garner

    I would think you’ve been a fan of Tennessee long enough to know that being highly rated doesn’t guarantee success. Even if he had zero to do with their development he deserves credit for identifying these future NFL players while they’re still in high school
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    Rodney Garner

    I think most people would agree he’s a top tier recruiter first but you don’t put guys in the league year after year if you can’t develop talent
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    Rodney Garner

    I would say he’s pretty good at developing since he churns out NFL prospects year after year
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    2020 NBA Draft and Offseason aka Huff’s OCD Haven

    His career could go a number of ways. I hope it doesn’t turn out like Wiggins. But let’s be honest it probably will
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    UFC Thread

    It’s setup for the belt to change hands pretty frequently
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    2021 Baseball Recruiting

    Can he not go pro since he’s going to juco?
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    I always thought they killed him too soon. That would have been fun to see their relationship play out. btw how did Prado from Season 3 not know Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher?
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    UAB is Back!

    You can’t keep playing at legion field. There is parking around the uptown area but I’m not sure if they’re adding more parking decks. I haven’t been to that area of town in a hot minute.
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    UFC Thread

    I saw that clip too but i thought they were passive aggressive with each other. Costa needs to lay low until he can make a title run again. I have no doubt he’ll be back eventually but that one was one of the most one sided title fights I’ve seen
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    UFC Thread

    Costa’s performance in the championship rounds is an unknown at this point. He’s never been in a 5 round fight and he’s only had 1 fight go the full distance. If he hasn’t tightened up his striking he could be swinging and missing most of the night. My gut feeling tells me he’s going to get Izzy...
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    UFC Thread

    Costa vs Adesanya is my favorite matchup of the year. Two undefeated fighters with two different approaches to fighting. I think Izzy finally meets his match and Costa breaks him in the championship rounds
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    Any interest in a Premiere League thread or a general European futbol thread?

    Bale is back to the Spurs on loan. If he can stay healthy that’s a really good attacking 3 with Kane and Son

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