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    Paul Finebaum

    Wrong. We NEVER need to hear from John Adams.
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    He makes plays when given the opportunity and he is one of the best blocking WRs that we've had in years. He just manhandles LBs and DBs.
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    Do I not understand the rules or

    Yeah, there were multiple misses by the refs and clock operators, especially on that last drive. The one where we stopped forward progress but the WR went back 5 yards and went OB and the ref stopped the clock, that one had me fired up.
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    Eric Berry can't catch a break.

    My All-Time favorite Tennessee player. Hope for a speedy recovery
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    Record time for throwing in the towel

    I’m so sick of hearing about how the fans are the problem. We’ve packed Neyland every Saturday and bought into every gimmmick thrown our way, including “Checker Neyland” and “3rd Down For What”. We’ve traveled strong when we’ve gone on the road. It’s the administration, coaches and players who...
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    Record time for throwing in the towel

    I used to visit VN multiple times a day, sometimes for hours at a time. It was the first site I checked when I woke up and last before going to sleep, and I couldn’t get enough of the practice videos, player interviews, coach interviews and analysis. I just logged on for the first time since...
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    Vols Kicker to Transfer

    Well, there's always next year.
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    Jon Adam's Latest Sh-Article (link/discussion)

    I haven't read one of his articles in over 10 years. I refuse to give him the clicks to read his garbage. Just go ahead and retire or keep being a 3rd rate beat writer for the Vols that's just fishing for attention.
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    Campbell co. Football.

    I'm not sure mostly bc I don't know how the playoff seeding works anymore. I can see 4 losses - Oak Ridge, Fulton, West, and possibly a very much improved Powell. CC lost a ton off last year's team, but that's something they're getting pretty familiar with. Those coaches have a system and...
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    Where I come From

    What in the hell is going on here??? This is embarrassing for everyone involved. Hell, I’m embarrassed for watching that.
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    Freak's Friday Night before fall practice admittedly off topic thread

    This site has been my go to since the 2008 season, and I'd have to say, "We've been through some $**t." You're already miles ahead of everyone else.. Looking forward to the updates!
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    *****Vols pick up 4-star '18 SC ATH Bryce Thompson

    Glad to hear it. I've lived in Charlotte for 12 years (basically the entire relevance of South Carolina football) and their fans are some of the worst.

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