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    ‘23 FL CB Jaremiah Anglin Jr.

    247 says he’s Derwin James’ cousin
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    The ones complaining about 8 million are in congruence with the mentality of the people who have been calling the shots at Tennessee the last 15 or so years before Danny White came along. If you want to win, pay up and get the big dogs. Stop with the cheap mentality. That’s how we ended up with...
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    Need Your Opinion (Poll)

    Good stuff guys. Please keep the answers coming as this is very helpful. A couple of follow up questions and remarks: envision a sports marketing business that accepts donations from fans and businesses alike and provides marketing services for players and businesses through those donations...
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    Need Your Opinion (Poll)

    I’m doing market research and need some feedback. By now, the average fan has probably heard that amateur athletes (depending on state laws) may profit off of their name, image and likeness (NIL). The majority of this is being done through advertising and merchandise (autographs, memorabilia...
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    '19 TX WR Isaiah Neyor

    That was 2014. Heupel was there In 2015 only.
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    Prayers Needed

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    Question about eligibility for Paxton Brooks

    Covid year left I believe
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    '19 LA WR Trey Palmer

    True. I’ve heard some University of Texas position groups where even walk ons are getting a monthly 4 to 5 figure draw from NIL.
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    '19 LA WR Trey Palmer

    My fault, that is correct. So they will need some guys to transfer out to accept more guys. I imagine they will have some tough conversations and they probably already know some who will not return or who they will ask to move on. Unfortunate but that’s how it goes.
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    '19 LA WR Trey Palmer

    Hooker, Fant, Bumphus, Mitchell Flowers, Brooks and McGrath (not listed) would all be super seniors so they won’t count against 85. Not sure if Carver is on scholarship yet. That would be 40 on offense, 38 on defense, 1 on special teams for 79 total scholarships used (assuming your list has all...
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    Hey Volnation I appreciate your fervent prayers….

    Praying for healing and peace for her and your whole family in Jesus’ Mighty Name!
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    You can tell he knows how to call the offense in rhythm like Heup does. It’s fun to watch when it gets going. And what I love about is it’s a plug and play system pretty much. They’re winning with the back up QB.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Utah St basically running the same offense we do. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if you’re a low-mid tier team, this is the best offense to run if you want a chance at elevating your program out of the doldrums. Baylor did it with success under Briles, Syracuse is doing it with...
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    '22 TX QB Cameron Ward (Incarnate Word transfer)

    I’m not Catholic as is the school he attends but The Incarnate Word is Jesus Christ so let’s not take His holy name in vain please.

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