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    Niedermeyer twitter

    This time last year half of Volnation was predicting Chandler would be one of the best RB’s in the conference. None of our current RB’s are great, including Grey. If you can land this kid, you do it.
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    247: Vols' projected depth chart next season

    You know what stat I like? TD's scored. JG is abysmal. He doesn't lead the team to touchdowns.
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    Here Are Athlon's 2020 Preseason Predictions For The SEC

    Unfortunately it’s a NATY Light.
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    He should probably transfer to UT since they don’t love him anymore.
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    Clemson lost this game when they totally abandoned the running game with Etienne in the second half.
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    ...and you’re the only person on here that thinks that was a good call. ..and you’re wrong.
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    You’re wrong. That was a horrible call.
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    That call was total BS
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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    This game is over. I’m not a Titans fan at all, but this has been a very impressive game by the Titans. Vrabel is a very good head coach. While I am not a Titans fan, I did predict they would win in New England last week.
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    2020 SEC QBs

    ...while JG threw passes that not only WERE intercepted, they also resulted in a pick 6.
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    2020 SEC QBs

    Correct. Unfortunately, we have JG, who sinks to the bottom.
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    SECs #1 OL group returning, #2 QB group, #1 defensive backfield returning...

    Lol. That's hilarious. Only if JG is riding the pine the whole season.
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    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    Point #2 and #3 aren’t relevant. We aren’t talking about the program pulling his scholarship. We are talking about his possible decision to enter the transfer portal. If you are entering the transfer portal during your senior year, then it is quite obvious that even you don’t believe that...
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    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    If he enters the transfer portal, then he is choosing to leave. Nobody is discarding him. Having said that, I hope he enters the transfer portal. He’s not an SEC level QB, and the quicker the program moves on from him the better.

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