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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Thanks for chiming in. You are the MAIN reason that I am a member of this board. Real Vol Information with no spin or political agenda. I bet I’m not the only person here who really appreciates that.
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    Brett McMurphy source: College Football Season is Done

    You make good points. I just don’t know what is best. I LOVE college football but I don’t want people getting health problems further in their lives or causing them to others just because they are asymptomatic. Since money decides most things, the fear of lawsuits by parents of infected players...
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    Brett McMurphy source: College Football Season is Done

    My bigger concerns are these: The as yet not known long lasting health effects (heart and lung damage) to the athletes. The exposure to the older more susceptible coaches. The exposure to friends and family members (especially older ones). The fear that athletes would not stay away from sex with...
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    How would you arrange the Vols schedule

    It’s a little warmer than that in November. knoxville tennessee average temperature by month - Google Search
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    Breaking: Vols’ schedule additions

    I’d add Arkansas as a big loser too.
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    How would you arrange the Vols schedule

    Yep. I knew that and forgot it. Thanks. I changed the OP.
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    How would you arrange the Vols schedule

    Third Saturday In October. Many longtime Vol fans want this game to always be played on that traditional date.
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    How would you arrange the Vols schedule

    Here’s what I’d like to see. At Arkansas Florida At Vandy Bama (TSIO) Open date At Auburn Missouri At S.Carolina TAMU At Georgia Kentucky
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    Practice Starts August 17!

    If Mays eligibility isn’t announced by August 17, do we go ahead and let him practice?
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    Basilio says Vols will get LSU & TAMU.

    That would mean playing 5 of the pre season Top 11 ranked teams. The Tony Basilio Show
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    Lane Kiffin apparently likes the good Oxford home cooking.

    Lane Kiffin taking an NFL-like approach to program building - The Oxford Eagle
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    Aggie looking for info about Vols football

    Has anyone mentioned The Rock as a UT tradition? If not, we have a large rock on campus that students paint messages on. We had a really great female artist named Payton (as opposed to Peyton) who did some beautiful drawings on it while she was in school. She graduated two years ago. Now the...
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    Former Vol Coach Bill Battle hospitalized with COVID-19.

    I really worry about one of our assistant coaches. Won’t say his name but if he happens to be diabetic, Covid might kill him. Please keep him as isolated as possible, UT.
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    Ticket Holders for Non-Conference Games

    My UT education tells me that you are out $36. I’d say donate it to Bambi at the Mouses Ear college fund. (And get a lap dance). Lol.

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