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    ‘22 NC CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    Speaking as a teacher, I have no idea what you are talking about. I am curious as to what Uncle Drew is saying, though. Sounds juicy.
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    ‘22 NC CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    This post was fine the first 750 times. It just seems redundant and silly now.
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    ‘22 NC CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    At some point, could this not be the comment after every story like this?
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    Coach K

    I look forward to hearing something sanctimonious and hypocritical about him doing so before NIL took effect, as if it being above board is worse.
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    '21 NC ATH Kaemen Marley (Tennessee signee)

    I'm a teacher, as well. It was stunning how many kids did absolutely nothing once they went virtual.
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    '22 TN ATH Barion Brown

    I've been coaching track in metro Nash for 10 years and I haven't seen many sub 10.5 100s. His 4x400 split was maybe more impressive, too. Kid has wheels.
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    2022 Target List

    I think a good selling point is he could develop his brand better at UT than in the G-League, especially with the new NIL guidelines coming down, to where he might not lose as much as he thought by going the college route. At Tennessee, he spends that year in the public eye. In the G-League, he...
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    NIL a complete disaster

    A lot of silly hand wringing in this thread. Why will paying guys "destroy" college football? I mean, quite honestly, they already get paid now and I still watch. I assume they'll still play football and wear orange uniforms for me to cheer in support, too. I'm more worried about sports down the...
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Basketball recruiting also isn't as time consuming as football recruiting. Signing five players in basketball is a large class. Going on a few flyers for guys you probably won't get isn't going to hurt much in recruiting your smallish circle of recruits.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Just to be fair. Malachi Wideman, 2020 Small forward -
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    We might be done with 1 & dones after this starts

    Yes, it is. A 16 year old making a decision to join this league has thrown away an option to play college ball. That's an awfully early point to be making those types of decisions for kids. Kids who are potentially manipulated by parents, relatives, hangers on, etc. while at a young age and...
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    We might be done with 1 & dones after this starts

    I don't think the league will last long, probably longer than the Ball league, though. Who wants to pony up the money or watch teenage prospects play with no connection to the teams? How many watched Montverde play Sunrise the other week with all those prospects on the floor? Is it going to...
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    We might be done with 1 & dones after this starts

    I wrote it in English, it shouldn't be hard to discern.
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    We might be done with 1 & dones after this starts

    I don't like it. You are taking the college option away from kids at 16 years old. To me, that's too early to be limiting options for kids. There are only so many Lamelo Balls whereas most are LiAngelo Balls. Where is that kid now? Of course teenagers are going to be seduced by 6 figures and it...
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    No one would say anything if they were in the Big Ten and had the exact same results as they have had over the last decade. It's exceptionally hard to win a championship. Boeheim has only one. Izzo has one. Self one. Calipari one. Beilein was runner up twice, too, and no one gave him much guff...

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