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    Entry for Atlanta Top 6 Pick'Em Contest

    14 48 2 4 47 78 1st
  2. tidwell

    Entry for Bristol Top 6 Pick'Em Contest

    18 48 2 5 47 78 5th
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    DL Weight Comparisons....

    We'll have to wait for Hubbs on that one.
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    Opportunity is Nowhere?

    You sure?
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    KHI Rumor

    Every NASCAR points system ever agrees, unfortunately.
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    KHI Rumor

    How big of a joke would that be? Sadly, it's a definite possibility in the Nationwide Series with Cup guys winning races and getting no points.
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    Lou Reed + Metallica

    That's probably not a lie.
  8. tidwell

    KHI Rumor

    When is he going to win a race?
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    Lou Reed + Metallica

    Hetfield looks terrible.
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    KHI Rumor

    Put Sadler in one of the KHI trucks full time. Maybe he can win there. Maybe.
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    ESPN's "Playmakers" (2003 TV Series)

    Awful show was awful.
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    Rumor: Clint Bowyer to RPM

    Would be shocked if RPM was able to pull a sponsor like UPS. Then again, they were with MWR during their infancy.
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    Entry for Michigan Top 6 Pick'Em Contest

    11 17 2 27 21 78 18th
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    New Hampshire Speedway...

  15. tidwell

    Mother bear kills self, and cub to escape torture


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