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    The Dugout - General Topics and Chat

    I keep wanting to say WSJK Channel 2 in Sneedville,TN. Does that sound right?
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    Jomboy’s End of GT game Crowd Dubbing (funny but NSFW)

    We're all supposed to know what those letters stand for ? Clicked on to watch with the grandson and the F bomb right off the bat. I grew up knowing the F word was a bad word. I guess it's just another word nowadays but not in our household. To each his own.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee @ Kentucky Thur-Sat Game Thread (Thur. 7PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Fri. 6:30PM EST SEC NETWORK+) (Sat. 2PM EST SEC NETWORK +)

    Has Muscle Shoals turned ORANGE ??? !!!! New Vol Network Radio Affiliates The Vol Network had added multiple radio affiliates to broadcast remaining Tennessee baseball SEC games this season. The complete list of new affiliates is below. Please check your local listings prior to each weekend...
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

    🥱 yawn …. Congrats bottlefly on #2 🥱 yawn…
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

    Mr. Pivot shouldn’t you be at your circle jerk instead of in here running your mouth?
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    Transfer Portal 21-22

    * Gosh Darn
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    Lesson #1 — Never Believe Your Own Hype!

    Lesson #1 was on the house. I’m pretty sure all future lessons are by subscription only. Lesson #1 was just a teaser to get us hooked.

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