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    How important is Tennessee football in your life ?

    Second the DVR method. Works for BasketVols too. This thread makes me sad.
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    Everyone improving as season goes on but

    You have us confused with a school that cares anything about athletics. The decisions made by the ad in the past 12 years should show you that.
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    Growing up a Vol fan

    DVR is your friend. Record whatever game Tennessee is playing that day. Do something else that is enjoyable. Later, check the score and delete the recording of the outcome is unfavorable. It works wonders for your mental health.
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    Question for former UT alumni.

    I still haven't heard anything about penalties. Are they still coming? Did they all get used up against KC in the souper bowel?
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    Managing Our Expectations

    Shhhhhh. You are going to upset the herd. I've decided to wait and see (I have no other choice). See what this staff can do. Hoping for the best but keeping my expectations low.
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    Question for former UT alumni.

    It got weird didn't it? -Dr Evil
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    The 5 Stages of Grief as it applies to UT Football

    At which stage does one kick over their bucket of lightbulbs? Asking for a friend.
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    Tired of the whining

    Heupel is going to save the day. He once blew bubbles while chewing beef Jerky
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    Heupel Assistant Coaches Announcement Thread (Official)

    We won't be getting DeBord as our OC.
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    What if?

    And we must again. Heupel is here like it or not and we as the fan base have no choice but to accept it. But I like the idea of using reverse psychology to get some success.
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    Heupel social media PR campaign

    Is the NCAA actually going to do anything?
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    Ole Miss traveled on their inbounds play

    I think the plays where our players were knocked to the floor with no fouls called were pretty ridiculous.

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