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    Official Coaching Search Thread

    TCU coach does very well with 2 and 3 star recruits....Gary Patterson.
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    If Vols dropped football what team would you follow?

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    Thoughts and prayers to CJP family.

    Lifting up Prayers for CJP and family....Bring a piece and comfort....AMEN!!!
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    Bailey not ready

    Florida showed they had a far superior offensive schemes than what UT continues to put on the, would help if UT could recruit some 5 star wide receivers.
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    Give Thanks...

    Have a Great and Wonderful Thanksgiving......Psalm 103
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    11 Inarguable FACTS Pruitt Is Not The Guy

    Basketball season starts when....?????
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bama

    UT 17 Bama 64 Yards 236
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    Poll: Should JG be benched?

    Need to bring in Bailey and let him play for next three years then start Arch upon arrival.....Problem solved.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    UT-35 UGA-31 Palmer-85 yards
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    '21 Nashville OT William Parker commits to the Vols!

    Welcome Home William....Go Big Orange...!!!
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    Tennessean: Harrison Bailey participates in Tennessee football practice after being out last week

    Harrison in the Bama game and threw a flea flicker to himself proceeded to fumble three times allowing the Bama players to catch up carrying all 12 players across the goal line...the 12th player was Saban;=)))
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    Marshawn Lloyd out for the season

    Marshawn....praying for quick recovery....See you next year...!!!
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    Predict Vols’ Record

    7-3 and we beat Georgia on 10/10....Nuff said...!!!
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    Several rumors circulating

    Time to man up.....Play the schedule as planned with conference and non-conference games pre-Covid 19. If university and players object then cancel the season and let the players pay for their education themselves....!!!!

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