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    Florida -14 ' ! Can UT Win?

    28? seems like a lot even with garbage time TD's.
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    Band question

    this...wearing wool jackets in that kind of heat and direct sun is beyond stupid. It will result in more of them falling out like you saw game 1 in Knoxville this year....4 years ago about 12 of them had to receive medical attention and hydration because some moron decided it was more important...
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    Florida and Ky

    what a stat....since Franks left the game, Florida has outscored UK by 19
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    Florida and Ky

    dagger to the heart
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    Florida and Ky

    how stupid
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    Florida and Ky

    Trask looks better than JG already
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    I no longer hate TN...

    somebody take the dang shovel away
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    *****Freak's Friday Night before the UTC game, admittedly off topic thread

    staying home this weekend catching up on some work around the house in the AM before game time. Boring but got some contractors coming that I got to get ready for. probably go watch McMinn County visit Ooltewah tonight.
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    How many coaches and players...

    102455 was Butch Jones? or maybe that was D4H.
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    From what I saw they were the "short of the first down marker" variety.....
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    Other Historic Disasters Coach JP can Reference

    The great depression....the last 10 years
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    See you guys in 2023! [BYU fan thread, merged]

    kudos to BYU fans that attended the game...great our tailgate we met several of you.....I think y'all had as much fun as we did in spite of our attempts to sway you toward alcohol....we only succeeded travelled well, great sports fans and enjoyed having you here....hope...
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    Pruitt not benching JG. Says he’s the best QB on the roster

    And that is how Chaney turned Crompton from a JG type performer into one who had a respectable final few games in 2009, beginning with Georgia game. It's the only thing I can hope for at this point.
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    This has always been a 5 year rebuild

    quick.....someone tell Mullen he's doing it all wrong
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    Starting tomorrow morning

    they are most certainly behind the yardage required for the first down....and JG will hit them practically every time.....and then we punt....again and again..... at this point I hope that every remaining game is a noon kickoff....get it over with early

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