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    Auburn bans student for Vescovi comment

    anyone remember some of the things that have been chanted not by one student but by large portions of the stadium attendance at Neyland the last 2 or 3 years? Seems one or two had to do with Florida and and a desire for some bodily functions to occur. Others had to do with providing positive and...
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    Talk of Shelton Felton Returning to TN for "on-field" Role

    on the other hand, it could be real entertaining at the dinner table.....Shelton eat your broccoli.....OK....OK....OK
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    1965 Freshman Football Team

    Not that it's that important but Neil Clabo didn't graduate from Farragut high school until '71 I think. But you are correct....he was a boomer of a punter.
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    Where are we from?

    Born and raised in north Knox county. Have lived all around the Chattanooga area for many years. Currently in Ooltewah. Recently retired and thinking of relocating back to Knoxville area.
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    Crazy athletic catch by Malachi Wideman

    he's good but I doubt he will face off against many 3-4 foot tall defenders
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    DE flips to Miss St.

    wasn't there an AVI bet on this?
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    The Home Field

    good stuff....really like the music accompaniment
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    Talk of Chip Long to Tennessee as Offensive Analyst

    could be....seems like the smart way of building depth in the coaching ranks...that seemed to have been the plan all along with Osovet
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    PSU 5 star RB, Ricky Slade enters the portal

    Not to mention the fun we can have with his name. "Boobie" scores. Let's hear the chants.
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    Un-retiring numbers...thoughts?

    IMHO, these are the only jersey numbers which should ever be retired.
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    Super Bowl LIV Thread, 6:30 PM ET (2/2/20), FOX

    I'd rather see some college and/or high school marching bands perform.....this stuff is crap
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    The Legendary Exploits of Doug Atkins: Must Reading for young Vol Fans

    I'm wondering how many of today's players could cut it in the Doug Atkins era....played without face mask's until mid fifty's.
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    Candidates for Linebackers coach

    Luv some Butkus. And Tatum.

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