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    *OFFICIAL* March Madness Game Discussion Thread

    Kiss came close to his average, while putting up over 20 shots. I watched most of it - no obvious hot dogging. He did stick out his tongue once; I guess he’s trying to emulate the guy on the band KISS.
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    Where Were You March 3 1979?

    I was in my third year of teaching middle school in Knox County.
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    I hope Barnes don’t say anything

    A Sports Illustrated writer picked the Vols to win the region.
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    Number 1 Seed.

    This morning The Athletic had UT as a 2. The writer said that there were six teams fighting for the four spots, and he said Duke had the worst record in that bunch. He put Duke as the first 3 seed.
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    Bracketmatrix 2021-22

    Iona is eliminated.
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    #13 in 2/28 AP poll

    Stephen Thai moved Wisconsin from 10th to 4th after they lost to Nebraska! Edit: I just saw this was already mentioned on another thread.
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    The Official #13 Tennessee @ Georgia Game Thread, 6:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    I remember Hal Greer shooting free throws via a jump shot.
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    BTO’s Georgia Postgame Report

    Several other good teams had worse results in Athens this season. Really, this is our first victory in Athens since Obama was President.
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    Ukrainian Basketball Players in US

    There are several Ukrainian college players in the United States. As they face the normal pressure of being Division I athletes, their country has been invaded by Russia. This CBS article illustrates the agony they are going through as their families try to stay safe and, in many cases, fight...
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    Another joke from ESPN. Top 76 players of NBA’s first 75 years…

    Prior to the top-75 list by ESPN, The Athletic had a top-75 NBA list. King wasn’t on that list, either.
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    Bracketmatrix 2021-22

    Vols seeded 3rd in The Athletic today.
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    Bracketmatrix 2021-22

    In the Athletic power rankings, Eamonn Brennan (hope I spelled that correctly) had the Vols ranked 7th. He had some nice things to say about the team, too.
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    Official Watch Party Thread (NCAAT seeding edition)

    Rutgers does it again. Is this team going to make the tourney after such a terrible start?

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