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    Bryce Thompson missed tackle

    With the rules as strict as they are about touching quarterback, you can't expect teams to go in and " lay the wood " to the opposing QB anymore. It is almost always some type of a penalty unless you are Alabama or maybe Georgia. The rule makes a lot of players hesitant which causes a lot more...
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    Coach Rick Barnes - Incredible video

    As a coach at the high school level, I understand creating bonds with your athletes but for a man in CRB position, who is at (then and still) a Huge D1 school... to show that much emotion all those years later. It shows the man truly cares about his student athletes. From the outside it seems...
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    '19 AL FB Payton Anderson

    Obviously you havent seen Alabama play. Cause staying in a Tampa 2 set, or even the 3-4 that they mix up.. still keeps people in the box
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    Coach Holly Warlick - Fire Her Today

    If Holly truly cares about Pat and the legacy she built here, she should step down as the coach effective immediately. Making a easy decision for Coach Fuller and making a decision that is best for the lady Vols program.
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    Salvage the Season

    We really need a large group of former V4Ls to get together with this current team and just talks to them, so they can see how proud they are to be a V4L and give these guys a reason to compete hard every down. Butch clearly isn't getting this done. The players no longer respect him,but I...
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    27-13 VOLS over the Gators. 167yds rushing
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: Georgia Tech

    Tennessee 31- Ga. Tech 14 J.Kelly Rushes for 132yds
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    Kwe Parker is transferring

    Ummm I would take another Parker on our women's team in a heartbeat. #Candace
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    Cameron Sutton says Tennessee QB Jarrett Guarantano is ¬Ďamazing¬í

    Hi 🖐...I'm Larry Scott, and I will design this offense.
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    Why a new OC?

    Anyone whom watches football can see that Dobbs made half of the plays work on his own... Not the playcall but Dobbs making something happen... That's why we need an OC
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    Larry Scott staying (for now)

    Hardin to utilize them when they can't catch the ball. Ethan Wolf had more drops than receptions it seemed.
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    Les Miles for Tennessee's HC

    I agree. I have been a Butch Jones supporter themail entire time until now...this was pathetic. Let's go get Les.
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    Les Miles for Tennessee's HC

    I agree....I have been on Butch Jones side the entire season until now. Let's go get Les!!!! This was absolutely pathetic.
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    '17 AL LB Will Ignont (UT commit 10/26/2016)

    Also this kid was at IMG Academy ND decided on his own to go back to Buckhorn to try to compete for a state title. If he was good enough for IMG then he is a big time commitment in my opinion.
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    '17 AL LB Will Ignont (UT commit 10/26/2016)

    I went to that high school....there are some great players. But very few of big SEC caliber.

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