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    Vols 'Rush Defense' = Fools gold?

    This was my question.
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    Ty Chandler Doing Well

    Haha what in the heck are you talking about? Me: "Isn't it interesting how players we thought were just average leave UT and end up having more success elsewhere?" Geniuses like yourself: "YeR sOfT aNd ThE rEaSoN wE sUcK!"
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    Ty Chandler Doing Well

    Lol so we're only allowed to be care about players while they are here. Did it ever occur to you that maybe some people are simply curious at how many players end up having better careers elsewhere?
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    Ty Chandler Doing Well

    Clearly many people.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    Florida 38 Vols 23 165 yards
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    Milton named starter

    I agree. I have my opinions and it interests me, but who cares? We know both players are simply average and this 2021 is not going to be a good season. It really doesn't matter to me who trots out there (now, it will matter to me if they STAY out there if they suck). Still losing this game by...
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    TD Jauan Jennings

    I want to see him wrestle the ball away at the 10 and then drag defenders into the endzone like old times.
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    Why aren’t Bumphus and Mitchell playing?

    It's like we've got Butch running strength and conditioning with all these injuries so early in the season.
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    Thoughts after three games (long read)

    Let's wait until Heupel coaches against at least 1 SEC team before we crown his best play caller ever.
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    Don’t fall for the Gator hype yet..

    What difference does it make if they are Bama 2.0 or just another top 15 team? Tenn is a VERY average team AT BEST who couldn't even beat Pitt. They are going to absolutely run the ball down our throats and wear the D out. Bama couldn't stop that. Our OL is very inconsistent, lot of players...
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    Stats after 3 games

    Not necessarily. Depends on how bad the offense actually sucks. SEC isn't stacked with stellar defenses. So let's say UT struggles heavily against Georgia and similarly with Bama and Florida. That still leaves 5 SEC games. Who is the next best defense (honest question)? There is nothing about...
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    I’m gonna choose to take the high road here

    Is that what we said in 2016 against Florida? Or 2018 against Auburn?
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    Big day for Ty Chandler.

    You really should consider reading my TWO other posts about the entire reason I made the post.
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    Under Center?

    This is our year baby.

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