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    Vols Schedule Will Change Starting in 2020

    Tennessee has murderers row in Oct and didnt complain... 😒
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    If not Kesling, then who?

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    Bob Kesling

    We cant afford to play whoever is behind him at guard.
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    #15 in ESPN's 2019 FPI Power Rankings?

    Fair. However, I do see some quality players that just need better coaching-which I think we will be seeing.
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    Bob Kesling

    "Jaden Boone passes the ball..." "Money!!!"
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    #15 in ESPN's 2019 FPI Power Rankings?

    They're only missing a few starters technically.
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    Are Fair and Rumph on their way out?

    He could have predicted before the Shiano fiasco that Fulmer would hire Pruitt and thet still probably wouldnt like him.
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    2019 TN DT Elijah Simmons Commits to UT

    He'll only get a bump if he commits to Alabama.
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    Tennessee’s message? We’re all in.....

    Tp avoid starting a new thread, what does this mean, if anything, for Sherrer?
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    Maleik Gray and Tyler Byrd status?

    I too remember bragging on Byrds blocking. Glad he still played hard.
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    Are Fair and Rumph on their way out?

    Looks like now and then is now and now... er....... whatever.
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    Met Fulmer

    You could have just posted the pic and we would have figured out your first sentence lol.
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    The new bammer talk about Coach Pruitt

    I think the jury is still out on Kirby.
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    who wanted Chip Kelly again?

    You may still be wrong lol
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    Tennessee has reached out to Missouri Seniors

    Didnt Pruitt hint that they werent done?

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