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    Larry Wright, Jaws, Gator99....

    Agree. We need more in your face, not less. Anything else comes across as condescending, just like having a "conversation" with the challenged bag boy about Japanese pro wrestling. When in doubt, remember Tennessee football is just like Christianity, incredible, nearly perfect in theory but...
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    Our Assistant Coaches blasted on TOS

    When the team has won 10 or more games back-to-back I will "buy" Pruitt. Just sending a shout-out to the ticket office/alumni fund/money collectors if anyone's monitoring this. Anything less is garbage entertainment.
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    Do yall really believe in the Alabama Bump?

    I think all those rings they've won over the last 15 or so years are real as hell, and really irritating.
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    Curt Maggitt Has Been Accepted And Will Attend UT's MBA Program This Fall

    It's a stupid, made-up job originally for someone who was mangled by football. The mere existence of the position ought to serve as a flashing red light for parents and prospective players, no matter who holds the title.
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    Will Solomon be eligible?

    Or maybe there is something about Solomon's case that makes it a more complex decision. Prima facie evidence for this is that he ended up trying to play for TN and not a better program, none of which felt his talent/irritation ratio was worth the trouble.
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    Is Pruitt Tennessee’s last big time chance?

    Pruitt's not a "big fish" hire. He wasn't even top five for TN, let alone on any other significant program's list. He may win a championship this year for all we know, but not a star hire by any means.
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    Last big TN win

    Auburn last year was absolutely huge until they punked November and undid all the good work accomplished previously. Big wins can always be negated with subsequent failure, in football and all other walks of life.
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    Interesting question on "The Starting Lineup" today

    Win every game except fla, ga, and Bama. Schedule won't get this good again for a while. What they have right now on and off the field should be good enough and experienced enough for that level of achievement. No one game will define success because we've seen that movie during both of...
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    Will We See a Jennings Effect?

    Running backs too.
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    Bootlegs and more

    Do all those things on the same play with our all-SEC types and the views from VV would resemble a magnetic football game from the '70's. Wait, it already does.
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    What paid services does Tennessee use to recruit and scout?

    Work smarter not harder. Shouldn't take 6 hours, let alone 16.
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    CJ Fayton resigned as Tennessee's Vol For Life coordinator

    Sort of an internship? Ought to be a "volunteer" position.
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    '20 FL DE/LB Latarie Kinsler Jr.

    Communication during the dead period sounds like something that would be frowned upon, but I guess it's ok, huh? Good to be in the thick of it with Syracuse and Kentucky for sure.
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    Pruitt on strength and conditioning and nutrition

    "Right" in the direction of a Chaney-esque physique in the decades to come. But who cares about that as long as they don't "fold" in November this year?
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    Tennessee won't finish 5th in East

    Might be 6th if they trip up in Lexington. Could be 4th if they get SC. The possibilities are head-spinning.

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