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    First scoring play on offense.

    JG long ball to one of the speedy freshmen.
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    Dee Beckwith out vs South Carolina

    Yep, given the build up, I was looking forward to seeing him take his shots. No worries I expect to see him sometime this season at least. Injuries are gonna happen unfortunately.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: South Carolina

    UT. 24 SC. 20 Tiebreaker. 167
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    First "offensive" drive of the game/season

    Run for 4 yards, Swing pass for 2, False start, Incomplete pass, high, uncatchable Punt .........queue VN, in before here we go again. .....really dark blue font.
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    Number Eleven

    I see next Saturday can't come fast enough.......
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    Who will be the qb this year?

    I'd be really surprised if JG doesn't start......barring injury or virus related.
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    What would it take to change your mind about JG?

    So I got off the bus last year, and like JG, I was late. Why? I didn't see throws that demonstrated anticipation. Where the ball was in the air before the receiver came out of his break. What I did hear is more than one announcer say he needs to see an open receiver before he'll cut loose...
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    This Vol uniform was posted on 247 as a new look for us.

    Thought we were getting the double stripes back this year. On the pants.
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    First Vol game you remember and your age

    Don't recall the first game. Most likely was any one of the first three in 1980 - Georgia, USCw, or Washington State. 18 years of age.
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    Brandon Davis transferring

    When you want to know what success looks like on the road to getting back to where TN wants to be.......this is what is included. An equitable split from someone not competing to make room for someone who can.
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    Lou Says No

    Oh yea, it's not going to be pretty for the deer population absent football.
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    I still don't understand all the animosity toward Butch Jones

    I personally don't have any animosity towards Butch. I think we all gave him time. But there were troubling signs many of which have already been mentioned. For me it was the 2016 became readily apparent that his offense doesn't run without a Dobbs and would never work in the...
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    Anything on 1st Practice today?

    Good, we need to work on our deep throws.
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    Who would you start at QB?

    My view is COVID19 killed spring practice, so no growth opportunity with the playbook or under center for all new QBs. So they're out of the picture for at least half the season, or barring some miracle performance. That leaves the same 3. CJP said JG gave us the best chance to win......he...
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    JG’s Growth at QB

    Personally, I give quite a bit of credit, for the latter half of the season, to the defense. They kept us in games long enough for the offense to score enough to win it. I thought the D ended the season ahead of schedule.......and I hope they pick up where they left off. Don't think they've...

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