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    Offseason fun thread: What’s the difference between a great Head Coach and a decent/bad one

    I think a great coach improves a program to a competitive level and is always in the conversation to win the division/conference. And does so ..... that is he wins it, more than once. Lastly, he does it consistently and may do so regardless of where he is. Not too many of those. Fulmer was...
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    Question for Freak (and anyone else with info)

    Been using one of these for several years now. Combine with a 128G flash drive and you can record all day. Handbrake as a post processor.
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    Our Biggest Question?

    That's pretty bad overall. They even reference the highs and lows......which we've all watched. I'm hoping JG can at least cut that ranking more than half........but have my doubts.
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    2020 Win/Loss Prediction

    9-3 and we will see
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    2020 Position group.. WR’s a Strength or Weakness?

    Right now I'd say the WR corps are fine, it depends on QB play. You got 5 receivers on a given play...... one QB.
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    Biggest area of improvement for 2020

    Outside of QB, developing a dangerous run game is it for me. You could see some bright spots on occasion but it needs to be effective when you take on Fla, GA and Bama. I think it'll help the QB position in converting first downs, TDs in the red zone, and open up the passing game.
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    Number of available scholarships for the 2020 class remaining?

    Probably counting the entire plebe class. Everyone's on scholarship.
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    Where are we from?

    Live long and prosper, my friend........
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    And hat makes it right? Nah, no one has called the NCAA on their crap. But, hey, the NCAA will take scholarships away for less on P5 programs. No one has sued their azzes on this yet. They ain't winning this one. They hold everyone accountable, time everyone else did.
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    OL Clemson = impressive. Regardless of outcome. When I see that in TN Orange......we back.
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    Why TF am I seeing Saban at halftime of the LSU - CLEMSON game???? That is total, total BS!!!!! Get his butt off that.....never, never let that happen. That's a recruiting the least. No, sorry, that sh!t needs to stop. I mean CJP or any other coach doesn't get a...
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    Dan Mullen is at it again - Transfer Portal

    I might work.......seems to be getting the talent he thinks he yea. Good for him .... I personally wouldn't call that innovative. But who cares if it gets you to competing and beating GA, AL and LSU. The rest of the SECe is trying to do the same thing.
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    National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

    LSU of the regular season better show up. Otherwise, they're gonna need some help to win this.
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    Dan Mullen is at it again - Transfer Portal

    Not sure what you mean?

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