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    Propst asserts Kirby and Saban pay players big bucks

    Propst ain’t credible! He is pissed because Auburn or Bama wouldn’t hire him as an assistant.
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    (3/9/2020) Brandon Davis suffers non-life threatening gun shot wound

    Does the school or coaching staff do background checks on these young men before signing them to a scholarship?
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    LB Beasley Under Investigation

    When you sign bad people to the program they infect everyone around them.
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    Will we have enough players to field a team?

    Might as well, it’s gonna be a long dark season. How many wins do you predict?
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    Do we beat Ole Miss this year ?

    Ole Miss has a good quarterback coming back.
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    Jay Graham Out at Bama Already

    W When you find a cancer you cut it out!
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    Will we have enough players to field a team?

    With all the transfers and players that were released after signing their letters. Do we have enough to be competitive?
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    Maybe the NCAA has a bigger fish to fry than UT!

    Lock em all up and the Vols still won’t win the East!
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    Elliott on not taking UT job.

    Don’t blame Elliott for not coming he could see the writing on the wall. Trouble everywhere!

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