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    '20 SC WR Ger-Cari Caldwell (uscjr commit)

    On an official to USCe
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    The 2019 NFL Season Thread

    Emmanuel Moseley getting picked on badly by Metcalf right now.
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    Need 4 Tickets for Wisconsin

    Coming up from SC for the game. Anyone have 4 tickets for sale?
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    Post Game Presser?

    Where can you watch the post game presser live? How long after the game does it usually air?
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    The Official Tennessee @ #1 Alabama Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    JG is terrible. Chance to make history and this guy is blowing it.
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    Section GG?

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    Section GG?

    $44 a ticket?
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    Section GG?

    Anyone give me any insight on section GG? Got a good deal on tix just want to make sure it’s worth it. Row 19
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    Point Guard College

    I took a player 4-5 years ago to a PGC in Atlanta and Andraya Carter was there. She was putting in serious work and was a great role model for my athlete. Enjoyed talking with her as well.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Seventh Woods leaving UNC
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    '16 SC RB Tavien Feaster

    Want want want
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    Got to remember Vandy arena is tough on the depth perception due to the set up...some can’t adjust, wouldn’t sweat the shooting woes.
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    Don't care what you say, Vandy played incredible...

    Aaron Nesmith has a great game as a freshman for Vandy, he is Josiah James high school teammate. Can’t wait to see them face each other next year.
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    '20 SC SDE Jordan Burch (uscjr commit)

    Clemson bound...kid is a beast.
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    ‘20 SC PF P.J. Hall

    Coached against this kid as a sophomore, he’s solid!

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