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    CJH Presser (dat Cough Doe!)

    Orange furballs!!
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    One Florida fan who can see the future better than most

    The fine men and women of the Tennessee Army National Guard are on standby waiting to help you guys recover.
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    Bill O’Brien

    It’s on! Tomorrow!!
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    And just like that, the LSU excuses have already started

    Like snipers and assassins?
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    Ticket Price Increase 2023

    Thanks for saying something about this. I just jumped over to the email and renewed for next year. Go Vols!!
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    The cough

    He’s just not used to white lightning. 180 proof is a bitsh!
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    Doug Mathews secondary suggestion

    He’s 70,000 years old and too old to be a current coach. The moss is growing on the moss on his beard. Ha ha.
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    Week 5: Kentucky vs. Ole Miss

    KY by 11
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    Week 5: Kentucky vs. Ole Miss

    The ball peen for certain.
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    Rewatching the Game

    The real poll is not out yet. Nov 1 for CFP. We’ll get in rhythm by then.
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    This team is different...

    Blindsight is 20-20. 😂 Ba-dum-bump! Tssss!
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    What section are you sitting in at Tiger Stadium?

    If there’s anybody that would like to volunteer me some tickets, just one, I would gladly be the chaperone for the event. I can provide references. 😇
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    Was Neyland Loud?

    It was super loud! I’m sending a pic of florida s 12th man.
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    My Thoughts on the Florida Game, After Sleeping on It

    Can I get a sticker to? I was within 100 yards of the Florida band. There should be something in it for me too.

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