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    What did you have for dinner II?

    Breakfast this morning: Buttered protein pancakes from a recipe I found online Sugar free Log Cabin syrup 2 eggs over easy 7 oz. Sauteed spinach 2 thin slices of fried ham Cup of pumpkin spice coffee with almond milk Proof that eating while on a diet can still be delicious! This meal is only...
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    Do you Run?……Walk?….Bike?…..Swim?

    Adorable. Cherish every moment!
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    Do you Run?……Walk?….Bike?…..Swim?

    I was planning on swimming about 3200 today, but I only got up to 2800. My injured back started feeling tight after 2500, so I went ahead and started my cool down after that. It was a good swim, though. I’m not upset about not reaching 3200. I don’t have a goal to get faster. I have a goal...
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    My Thoughts on the Florida Game, After Sleeping on It

    They did not give him the yardage that he ran after the recovery. He recovered the onside kick at the 47 yard line, and they gave UF the ball to start their drive at the 47 yard line. The full game is on Youtube now if you missed it yesterday. Thanks Freak!
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    My Thoughts on the Florida Game, After Sleeping on It

    The reason more time did not run off the clock after the onside kick is because an onside kick recovery cannot be advanced. Once the kicking team recovers an onside kick, the play is dead, and they get the ball where the recovery happened.
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    We just made it into the Top 10

    I would be surprised if we passed Kentucky too, but I was responding to Jeff Clark, who said we would pass Kentucky and be only #9, which I thought was bizarre, considering we were #11 and 2 top 10 teams lost.
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    Low has UT in playoff

    Playoffs?!?!?! Don’t talk about playoffs! You kidding me? Playoffs!?!? 😁 I love that we are 4-0, but let’s get past LSU before we start thinking this team is good enough to make the playoffs. One game at a time right now. We can start talking playoffs if we are undefeated after Bama.
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    Ramel Keyton appreciation thread

    Love the way he and the rest of the receivers stepped up with Tillman injured.
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    We just made it into the Top 10

    This. Our ranking this week doesn’t matter at all if we lose to LSU in 2 weeks. The polls will take care of themselves by the end of the season. Let’s enjoy being 4-0 for 2 weeks, heal up, and prepare for the Tigers. If you think we are ranked too low now, just look forward to us proving those...
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    We just made it into the Top 10

    If we pass Kentucky, we’re likely #8.
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    Dawg fan

    Welcome aboard! It’s always great to get another fan! I’m glad your wife straightened you out! 😁. Let’s not get crazy yet, though. UT has a long way to go. Let’s focus on beating LSU before we get too excited about beating Bama and UGA.
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    Josh Heupel reacts to Vols' win over Florida

    They ask questions like that because they have a deadline to get an article written, and they already have a narrative in their head. All they need is a quote from the coach or a player that confirms the narrative. This is why the questions are often so obvious.
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    Vols in the Top 10?

    Tennessee will definitely be ranked in the top 10 tomorrow since #10 and #6 lost today. #7 USC is currently struggling against unranked Oregon State as well, early in the 3rd quarter.
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    Am I the only one who can admit im a horrible fan

    I've gotten better over the years at just keeping it to myself. I've gotten my hopes up way too many times only to be let down to have any kind of optimism when watching Tennessee play.
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    Am I the only one who can admit im a horrible fan

    I'm a bad fan too. I'm extremely pessimistic. I was still convinced we were going to lose when we went up 38-21. Yes, I have BVS, but considering some of the losses we have had over the last 15-20 years, can you really blame me?

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