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    Poll: Should Guarantano transfer?

    He has earned some respect, and the nod as the front runner, this spring. But, it'll be more difficult to remain at the top, I think. Bailey and company will push him, like never before.
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    Eric Gray for Heisman?

    Probably not. I do not see Eric Gray being an every down back, and he lacks the ability to break tackles, by SEC backers, in the open field. He's dynamic, and exciting. A threat to go to the house, on every play. But, not a guy that can takeover a game.
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    2020 Oklahoma: Most important game in Tennessee history?

    You were 12-2, and have nothing to be ashamed of. LSU ran roughshod over most of the SEC defenses, it faced. I mean, look at what they did to Clemson's defense! You earned that 4th spot. You'll get no disrespect, as a program, from me. As far as The Sooners being in the mix, season's...
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    2020 Oklahoma: Most important game in Tennessee history?

    To promote a victory over Oklahoma, is to elevate Oklahoma, significantly over UT, in All-time status. I still believe, despite our decade+ of impotence, we are in the same sentence, with storied programs. When you are a "Storied" program, all victories are important. UT fans should not be...
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    This why Kirby doesn’t scare me.

    Maybe Kirby is afraid that a wide open offense, and all the little problems that come with it, will expose him as a mediocre defensive mind? He still enjoys winning games 31-14, 27-13, etc. He isn't interested in winning games 59-42, and giving up 500 yds of offense. It looks bad, in his 1990's...
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    How old were you...

    I was 31, and watching with my father. May he rest in peace. As excited as I was, to win the championship. I still found a way to critique the victory. It was not our best game. Give credit to FSU's defense. They were as stout as advertised. But, cudos to our defense. We turned the ball over...
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    CFP.....deep thoughts

    The rosters of at least three of the teams, that played last night (OSU, LSU and Clemson) have been seriously bolstered by the lack of a serious UT football program. Most obviously, Clemson. Ohio, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia have been treasure chests for The UT Football Program...
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    Mike Leach accepted the UT Job, then we withdrew the offer... Let that sink in

    Honestly, I was more than a little excited to hear that Mike Leach was about to be hired. But, after the initial excitement, my very next thought was "Who the hell is coming in as defensive coordinator?" And, "He'd better better be a freakin' magician".
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    What underrated recruit (3-star or lower) has CJP recruited and developed that has given everyone this idea he is a great talent evaluator?

    Taylor was drawing alot of attention, with double teams and chipping. When pressure starting coming from other areas, it loosened up the attention being on Taylor. Not to mention, the coverage got better, in the secondary. But, pressure coming from blitzing LB's and other areas, helped Taylor a...
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    Today in Tennessee football history..........

    Other than the Sugar Bowl win, over Miami, 1986 was a super disappointment. I was at the bama game, in Knoxville. Bama blew us out, 56-28. I knew after the loss to Miss State, we weren't going to live up to some lofty expectations. Auburn destroyed us, as well. I never felt like Jeff Francis...
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    Mike Leach accepted the UT Job, then we withdrew the offer... Let that sink in

    While I agree, to certain degree, I'd also point out that expectations at Tech were, and still are, much lower, than UT. 8 win seasons will keep you around for a while, at Tech. consistent 8 win season, in Knoxville, will get you run out of town. So, while it is more difficult to win, at Tech...
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    Mike Leach accepted the UT Job, then we withdrew the offer... Let that sink in

    If he had Joe Burrow, and that supporting cast, on offense, then yeah. But, LSU's success come from being somewhat balanced, in their play-calling. I realize the bulk of the yardage comes through the air. But, LSU consistently pounds the ball at you, and forces you to respect their run game...
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    Mike Leach accepted the UT Job, then we withdrew the offer... Let that sink in

    What I think people are trying to say is.........Leach's style of coaching offense isn't complimentary to good defense. Traditionally, his teams throw the ball, alot. Which is great, if it is successful. If not, it leaves your defense on the field, alot. Tired defenses make BIG MISTAKES. Plus...
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    Enos is a number crunching geek. He pays too much attention to stats, tendencies and odds, instead of paying attention to what is happening on the field. The type of guy who has it first and goal, at the six inch line, then pulls his star RB, and tries to pass. Sound familiar? Not no.........But...

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