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    Kiffin Is Better Than Tucker, Pittman And Aranda

    Its nice to be important and important to be nice . If you’re shootin dice in Waco you’ll roll snake eyes every time.
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    Pruitt comments on Coach Heupel

    FIFY BBV 😁
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    Pruitt comments on Coach Heupel

    I was gonna say similar Indy. I am actually a little shocked that the Sand mountain simp exhibited the good judgement to not act like an immature red neck for once . I’m assuming JP has designs on getting back in the college game at some point so making comments that show a bit of class...
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs GA Tech Regional Game Thread Sunday June 5th (7PM EST ESPNU)

    You know he did a full spread right ? And by full spread I mean full spread . I’m ASSuming you didn’t see it butt I did

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