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    We played 3 championship weekend teams

    A lot of people in here don't remember anything before the last part of the 90's. Some of us remember the 70's and 80's. It was never as bad as it got with Gump and Lyle, but it was bad. I'd rather lose a few times to top teams, because when it does come back around -- and it will come back...
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    What gives you confidence in the coaching staff?

    Confidence? After the last 15 years, nothing. Hope? Maybe. The biggest thing so far has been that for once, we appear to have a defensive coaching staff that can at least keep up with the offensive staff and vice versa. I keep thinking, even with Dooley's sheer incompetence, what would it have...
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    Florida is not anywhere near good

    But we don't have the talent, not anymore. Most of that talent beat Florida and Nebraska today. The ones that stayed are being led by a Michigan cast-off and a guy who will sooner or later be broken in half because he doesn't know how to run out of bounds.

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