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    '21 FL ILB Terrence Lewis

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    Do you honestly think JG will be on the roster next year?

    I believe JG loves UT and likes Pruitt. I also believe JG DOES have a great arm and knows it...he isn’t an idiot. He is probably very frustrated he hasn’t progressed much in the mental aspect of the game and will likely transfer somewhere in hopes that a QB coach can improve where he struggles...
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    Rick Barnes Positive for COVID-19: Games this week are in doubt

    I’m confused. What was the point of the chips? Anyway, hope he recovers quickly.
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    '21 GA CB Nyland Green

    You think a pick 6 and 2 missed field goals means “he’s gone”? These recruits aren’t as clueless as you are.
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    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon (georgia commit)

    You didn’t see the hidden posts?
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    '21 GA CB Nyland Green

    Anything new here?
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    Who do we add or lose before signing day?

    ouch, don't think we get Arkansas or Auburn?
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    '21 MD LB Aaron Willis (Tennessee commit)

    just comes down to depth- we would be more pitiful at LB than we are now without crouch there
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    '21 GA CB Nyland Green

    Any word on how Tyus Fields has been developing? I had somewhat high hopes on him.
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    Question for those with a football background

    I don’t have a background outside of playing Madden and watching football the last 20 years...what is the defensive thought on this play? The alignment doesn’t make sense to me. 3rd and 9 and the middle of the field looks wide open.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    I’m don’t have a football background outside of watching and Madden, but those with a coaching background...what is the philosophy on this 3rd and 9 alignment. How do we expect to cover the middle of the field here?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    I really agree with your take positionally and it got me thinking about some of the players Pruitt has brought in to building the program. -Totally agree with DB’s, watching them not pick or deflect balls that turn into big plays. I am concerned here. -ILB, concerning but Pruitt recruited quite...
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    Team News (current roster)

    The disrespect to Ticket. Hollywood is our best defender, he'll be on the floor this year...well, oh yeah we have many great players. okay, hear me out. I hope Ticket is on the floor more than 6 minutes a game this year.
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    Any word from practice on QB reps

    Oh yeah, let’s use 3 people to try to make a point.
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    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington (Tennessee commit)

    My prediction earned me a reputation from Jira as being incoherent...nice

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