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    Alabama/Tennessee score prediction

    Tennessee 16 Alabama 14
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    Dominant Teams or......

    His point was we played our tough section of the schedule early but finish with the weaker part. Other schools (Bama) have it reversed. I agree with the Bammer on this point YMMV. Unless TN elevates it's game, we could lose 2 or 3 more before season's end (Bama, Notre Dame and possibly...
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    Its officially Georgia WEEK- Pick the Score

    tennessee 17 georgia 16 Georgia rushes for 119 yards.
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    Whats gonna happen with the polls?

    Then again, we could get credit for winning two games in a week, with one of thsoe being to a top 10 team.
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    Best Remaining Opponent

    I voted for Georgia. That's the one I was dreading, before the Fla game. I figured if we got past Fla and LSU unbeaten, we would manhandle Ole Miss. Georgia at home would be the chance for a let down. Well that scenario has certainly changed but I still think Georgia looms large. Shockley...
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    Corey andersons dropped pass

    At the time, I said to my wife, 'We need the touchdown, but this is too early. If we score now they get the ball back with 3 and a half minutes left and only 4 points behind. We need to score slowly." The FG to tie was not what I had in mind and I was pacing the floor as they lined it up...
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    "LSU athletic director Skip Bertman was adamant about the game staying put and being played on Saturday. Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton had several biting sound bites. "You decide you're going to play Monday or decide you're not going to play the game," he said." - Shreveport...
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    What is your "feeling" for this game?

    Gut feeling: I think our offense will continue to struggle. LSU will crowd the line, take away the run and underneath passing and force us long until we prove we can hit them. The good news; LSU defense is suspect and we get a couple scores on them and the defense holds. UT wins ugly 17-13, or...
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    Have To Pull For Bammers vs Gators??

    I agree, and the Fla/Bama game may indicate if one of the two teams are candidates. UT has to establish some sort of offensive prescence. LSU is a huge game for UT in that regard IMHO.
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    Bloody Tuesdays

    I didn't know we even attempted to rush in the second half? (Riggs had 6 carries I think). Couple that with long snapping the ball between the QB's legs and that's what you get, -4. I haven't watched the game again, but IMHO Fla didn't stop UT's run game. UT quit running...
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    Ainge has just been named starter for good

    It's about time they settled on one of them. The 'playing the hot hand' idea was miserable. It's the epitomy of playing to not lose.. which isn't the same as playing to win IMHO.
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    Sick of this crap

    Yep, and when they start losing they simply go away, or jump on another bandwagon... hey what's this? Vandy has a bandwagon too? I think I'll ride on it for a while. :biggrin2:
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    Pick the LSU Score

    UT 13 LSU 7 Rushing Yards 165 (I've lost confidence that UT can put 15 or more points on the board against an SEC opponent)
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    Offensive Woes

    Riggs had 70+ yards rushing in the first half. I don't think Fla stopped the off tackle run to the left side of thehe offensive line 1x. Riggs was getting about 6-8 yards a pop on those 2nd quarter runs. They stopped it on a crucial 3rd down, but the play went to the right side. Riggs...
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    Over Confident Vol fans???

    Overconfident? I picked UT to win by 1 point. Even at that I think it'll go down to a key penalty, Turnover, special teams etc.

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