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    Kenny O'Neal info

    guys at fsu say he is a clone of lavarneous coles. sorry i cant spell.
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    A New Member USC

    o and we will have a top ten class, we will have probably the number 1 d line class along with a top 5 wr class. you got to remember we used to be lucky with a top 30 class, so we are pretty excited right now. if we have a good year next year we could really start bringing in some good classes...
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    A New Member USC

    is kenny o neal the same guy from fsu that got kicked off the team? if so he is one hell of a burner!!
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    Marvin Austin

    Well i have just got word that he is practically locked up at fsu, and he loves that fact that fsu just signed amato to be a coach on the defense. they are not deep on the d-line and they send guys pro every year. just what i was told by a reliable source. i would prefer him going to fsu just bc...
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    Anyone else happy to hear this??

    When do you guys play us? im not sure exactly when it is but im sure you will beat us by 40 like everyone else!! yall have one hell of a coach i will say that, maybe one of the best in the country!!

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