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    Wade Trophy Finalists Announced

    I'd go for NaLyssa, but Howard would be worthy.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2021-22

    In the Zoom call with Brenda Frese for her COY award, she mentioned that all of her starters are returning.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2021-22

    I don't question for a second that Dana was deserving of a conference POY award for prior years. I would also agree that someone winning such an award would automatically be on the long list of players being considered for this year overall POY. But you obviously know that NPOY is not a lifetime...
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2021-22

    IMO a case could be made for Evans and for Baylor's Smith, but to me Paige is a more complete player. I fully understand Smith, who has been awesome, but I'm perplexed by the mention of Evans. A very good player, don't get me wrong, she was awesome against Oregon and very good against...
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    How did Jennifer Azzi get away from Pat ?

    I know I'm way off topic but in my experience most people don't know to eat a banana. I did a quick Google search for Tiger Woods and banana to see if the some back story and missing but did not find it. Is there one?
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2021-22

    How about Baylor playing: Texas Tech 10 – 13 Southern 9 – 10 Northwestern LA 0 – 18 McNeese State 6 – 12 TCU 8 – 12
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2021-22

    (Division I) Points in a Half 94—UConn (140) vs. Saint Francis (PA) (52), March 17, 2018
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    Looking for box score from 2000

    Wow, that was fast thanks. I was wondering if playing outdoors would affect the shooting percentages but the teams shot 43% and 35% so not stellar but not an obvious drop off.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2021-22

    That was an astounding game flow. Clemson dominated the first half and had a 25 point lead at halftime. Syracuse came roaring back and tied it up to go to overtime. One might think the momentum would give Syracuse the edge, but Clemson scored 16 in the overtime period to seal the win.
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    Where will the Lady Vols be in the top 25

    Massey says #15, but I don't think the posters will move that much in a week. I'll pick 21
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    Looking for box score from 2000

    I'm trying to track down a box score for the game between Tennessee and Arizona State on Dec 27, 2000. I haven't had luck searching the media guide of either school. Anyone know where I could find it? I do have the score 67-63, but I'm interested in the shooting percentages.
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    Game Thread: (25/RV) Lady Vols vs. (3/5) Connecticut

    I'm not a fan of taunting, but I think saying "and one" doesn't rise to the level that deserves a foul call. Maybe a warning, but that's it.
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    You did neutral court. Choose "hosting" if you start with UConn or "at" if you start with Tennessee
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    I noticed that Massey was briefly unavailable, but I see different numbers. If you will forgive the formatting, I copied and pasted: Tennessee @ Connecticut # 29 (15-3) # 3 (16-1) 0 0 60 73 11 % 89 % -13.5 Ooops, sorry, I should have read on and saw that someone else beat me to it.
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    The difference between Kellie and Holly

    Why the need for such hyperbole? If you wanted to make the argument that Pat Summitt did more than any other single person to raise the stature of women's basketball, I'd echo the claim. But your statement suggests that the contributions of those who came before her are meaningless, not to...

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